Leg Sores, Acne, etc.: Help the body repair itself and heal completely

If you were to learn how to understand your body, you could help it heal itself from conditions that otherwise couldn’t be cured, like ulcers and acne, for example.  Often times, no matter what you do, they don’t stop coming; they just continue.  You can help your body to recover its health if you only understood how it functioned.

Leg Sores, Acne, etc.: Help the body repair itselfThe truth is, ulcers and other conditions, like acne, are the body’s recovery phase.  When the body needs to heal something, it needs energy and uses all of its resources, which is why a person may be fatigued or tired.  Fatigue, or the feeling of tiredness or heaviness, causes an individual to lay down and rest.  This causes the body to be relaxed and then can start its recovery stage.

Once an individual is relaxed and feels more at ease, the body enters a deep state of recovery, and begins to repair.  During this phase, they may experience the typical symptoms of recovery, which are swelling, pain, heat, burning, etc.  This is the “hot” stage of recovery.  At that moment, you may feel “worse” than before, and you think you’re not doing well at all.  But the truth is, once these symptoms manifest, the body is already healing itself.

In this stage of recovery, an individual doesn’t know that he/she is healing and that these symptoms are related to that healing.  That’s when they start to stress and enter into a state of anxiety caused by the illness.  Stress creates cortisol, which is a natural inflammation reducer.  Then something interesting happens: inflammation goes down in the leg, or the acne, or the symptoms lessen.  Although it seems strange, stress and anxiety seem to “improve” the illness.  The person says: “I’m getting better”, but healing still isn’t complete.  It was stopped by the stress which lessened the symptoms.  So the individual thinks she’s better and continue doing things, following her routine and “speeding up”, even though the leg nor the acne is healed.  So a little while later after having started her routine, the symptoms of tiredness and irritability return.  And the symptoms like inflammation, burning, pain, etc., return.  And if the person starts to stress again, or starts feeling anxious, the healing stops once again.  This creates chronic symptoms or suffering, and the ulcer nor the acne can fully heal.

What should I do?

In order to heal anything, be it an ulcer or acne, it is important to remember that inflammation, pain, burning, etc., are healing symptoms, and that you should give your body the necessary time to fully recover.  For this, continue to rest and stay calm.  Avoid stress and anxiety, follow a high-quality diet so that your tissues can repair and regenerate themselves, and so your skin can completely heal.

Regarding ulcers, you should help your leg with anti-gravity exercises, avoid wearing socks or elastic bands, because these make the veins more lazy, and the body gets used to external pressure rather than working to repair itself to recover leg stability.  Additionally, in this stage of healing, you must rest and meditate on the things you don’t like, to help the body circulate emotions that have become stuck in the body, especially anger and disappointment.

Always remember that if you’re in a healing stage, eat fresh and steamed vegetables, like soups, chia, linseed, smoked fish, nopal, aloe, citrus juice in the morning, raw onion, garlic at night, etc.  All of these foods are excellent allies for natural skin healing.

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