Interior Beauty: more important than exterior

Cosmetics, clothing, accessories and perfumes all help us have a pleasant physical aspect, and play a bit with our character and personality.  The truth is, interior beauty doesn’t conflict with any type of makeup or exterior accessory, developing interior beauty doesn’t mean you have to renounce makeup, fashion, or any of that.  Playing with colors, perfume smells, and clothing and hair styles is a pleasure for a lot of people.  However, when our attention is taken up completely on the physical aspect, and leaves interior beauty on the sidelines, we then run into feelings of insecurity, and being loved little and unaccepted, despite how much we make ourselves up and decorate ourselves.
Interior Beauty

Why is developing interior beauty more important than exterior?

Let’s imagine a beautiful facade to a house, or a very attractive cover to a book: visually, any of these two things can attract us, and make us want them.  If we let ourselves be taken over by our first desire and decide, for example, to go into this house with the beautiful facade, but then after going in we notice it has a cold environment, perhaps disorderly, or looks bad, we might go in and walk around for a bit, but we won’t find anything truly interesting.  We won’t take long to get out of there.  The same thing happens with books.  The title or the cover might attract our attention, but if it has confusing or complicated concepts or ideas as soon as we open it, if it isn’t clear and doesn’t bring us anything new nor touches our hearts, we’ll just leave it right then and there.

If we take a look, physical beauty can be flashy and definitely very attractive, but this is not synonymous with finding something truly beautiful inside their personality.

Exaggerated propaganda of using too many flashy things to sell something, a lot of times tells us that the product has little value.  This means that it does not contain anything truly nourishing, interesting, or invite us to an adventure or fun.  A lot of times exaggerated decoration or makeup, or artificial or stereotypical stances could mean that a person might feel feel insecure and unattractive, which is why they need to compensate for that feeling of “lack of beauty” with makeup and all sorts of decorations.  We must once again emphasize that this doesn’t mean that if a person gets dressed up that means that person doesn’t feel beautiful or secure.  No.  But when the beauty is focused only on the exterior is when it causes, in some way, very little beauty in spite of the fact that the “bottle” is “very beautiful”.

Getting ready, cleaning up, putting on perfume and feeling good and comfortable with oneself is undoubtedly a part of interior beauty.  However, you don’t need to spend exaggerated amounts of money or time in costly treatments to fit in with beauty stereotypes or to be beautiful.  You would be better off by beginning to be truly beautiful and attractive by beginning to develop certain qualities, like those mentioned bellow:

To be internally beautiful means, primarily, to accept yourself as you are.  Don’t expect to be certain shapes in order to be accepted.  Be aware of who you are and feel secure about what that is.

Being beautiful is expressing yourself spontaneously, with intelligence and frankness.

An internally beautiful person has the ability to be empathetic with others.  They do not impose, but invite, they don’t judge, but understand others’ freedom to choose to be what they are, and to think what they way.

A beautiful person is swift in good sense, they accept and venture in other people’s minds as if they were one-0f-a-kind people, which develops a fascinating understanding with them.

A beautiful person has an elegant sense of humor.  They are spontaneous, their jokes aren’t meant to make anyone feel bad, but come from a sense of creativity related to their particular way of seeing and feeling life.

A beautiful person is conscious of other people’s needs, and tries to help them in the best way possible.

A beautiful person smiles easily, and their smile shows just how content they are with their life.

A beautiful person knows how to say no without getting desperate or upset.  They say it firmly, but softly.  They know how to place limits with love.

A beautiful person knows what bothers them and others, and tries to avoid it, always keeping in mind that when you do something for others, its like doing it for yourself.

A beautiful person always says hi looking in the other’s eyes, and with sheer pleasure.  They say hi not only to the people they know, but also to those that are close to them at that moment, or to their friends’s friends, even though they may not know them.

The list for being and internally beautiful person could undoubtedly be very long.  We only gave you a few of the most important traits but…do you know another way to be a beautiful person?

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