“I don’t know what I have”, the Illness of these times: causes of New Diseases

“Doctors can’t tell me what I have”, “They’ve already done all sorts of tests and studies and say I’m okay, but it hurts”, “No one knows why I’m dizzy and have lumbar pain“, etc.

the Illness of these times: causes of New DiseasesStatements like these are frequently heard all over.  And currently there are a lot of “new diseases” that not even the best, most modern devices or tests can clearly detect.  A lot of doctors are perplexed by symptoms or bodily behaviors that they can’t clearly determine, and some doctors even have to give “certain diagnostics” so as to calm a patient’s nerves.  Some even prescribe medication without being completely sure what the individual is suffering from.

Everything in nature evolves, and you could say that the body, which is part of nature, evolves as well.  And diseases that manifest in the body also go through some sort of “evolution”, if that’s what you could call it when new diseases appear.  

Medicine does what it can and helps in certain cases, but as individuals we need to also consider other methods of healing outside of conventional medicine, when it can’t “see” a solution.

Causes of and methods of healing an “I don’t know what I have” disease…

If you truly want to heal yourself or feel better, and no one can give you any clues as to where to begin, don’t run to medications nor the pharmacy.  You could start by following these simple tips, which will definitely help you feel better and will cure you.  First you need to know what causes the symptoms when “no one knows what I have”.

  • Stress and anxiety: you need to consider that the vast majority of diseases are caused by stress and anxiety, which is caused by having lots of things to do and social expectations.  Just a few decades ago, life was much more relaxed and individuals didn’t live under so much stress, nor the pressures of large cities and current demands.  Stress causes an unlimited number of symptoms in the body, increases blood pressure, increases circulation, the adrenal glands work at maximum capacity, along with other things.
  • Diet: Also, the diet that exists now didn’t exist before.  A lot of our diets are contaminated and low-quality.  In addition to this, people eat fast food, they chew poorly, as if not enjoying anything but eating just to fill themselves.  Over time this ravages the body and nervous system.
  • Air and time: before, the air was cleaner and people had more time to enjoy free time, to be relaxed, and even to joke around.  They had more time “not to think” about everything they have to deal with, and people enjoyed things more, like meal times, because they didn’t need to rush through eating quickly.  They chewed their food better and gave it more time to rest.
  • Beneficial exercise: before, exercise was performed to feel better, and people enjoyed their sports more because there wasn’t so much emphasis on competing for the perfect body.  Now a lot of athletic activities are focused on competition, at looking “good”.  When practicing some sort of sport, on the other hand, we criticize, look at our bellies, see how flaccid our legs look, and this disapproval for one’s body causes rejection and strong competition to look great.
  • Lack of spiritual understanding: although a lot of people search for a connection with spiritual things, and a lot of people live this in their own way, life philosophy is truly short in these times, and it seems like faith doesn’t “work” for all of today’s needs.  We understand spirituality as a way of understanding oneself.  Well, sometimes people think that being spiritual is believing in something special and good, but if you don’t believe in yourself and learn to get to know and accept yourself, and discover your own creative abilities, then perhaps the philosophy you are using for life is based on obsolete teachings, and cold beliefs that you’re only repeating because “someone told you so”.  They might not be providing the results you would like, which is why people are easily disappointed and feel far from happiness, or like life and happiness is very fragile.  Those values may be cold and shallow.

If your life conditions were to change, along with your life philosophy, your attitudes, etc., your body will show it.  Diseases are just the result of all these conditions combined.  Do you want to see how your body starts to improve and get ahead of the diagnosis and medicines?

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