Fear of Illness

It’s pretty common to be afraid of illness.  No one like to suffer from diseases, nor do they want to see their loved ones sick either.  This fear is due primarily to the culture in which we have been brought up.  It seems like health costs more and more every day, and we’ve been taught that it’s bad to be sick, to depend on doctors and medicines, to buy health and to delegate the responsibility of being well to some external factor.  

Fear of IllnessPeople are searching every day, however, for new alternatives to be well and to feel healthy.  A lot of people are tired of going from doctor to doctor, of taking medications without any results.  Feeling like illness is bad, and that you need to get rid of it as soon as possible at any cost, may have been the attitude around for a long time.  But it’s ironic that sometimes, being healthy creates prolonged fear and worry about getting sick.

The simplicity of health

Being sick isn’t anything “bad”.  The body is health, and health is it’s natural state.  But the body is balanced and harmonious, and when these balances are thrown off, illness appears.  Illness could be a great opportunity to learn more about your self, and to convert it into a blessing if it helps you to reconsider, reflect, and understand things that you once didn’t think about or understand.

How to remove the fear from illness?

By understanding that illness is a path towards growth.  You can learn a lot when the body forces you back to bed, or when someone you love is sick.

Ways of beginning to recover health

You can start by beginning certain habits that you may have lost over time, like eating quality foods, including more vegetables and juices in your diet, and especially, not eating just to fill your belly, but out of love for who you are.  Water is important, drinking two liters of water a day helps mobilize toxins in the body and helps keep the body hydrated.

Another way to recover the simplicity of health is to learn that the body also reflects a lot of our emotions.  For example: Stress causes the heart to speed up, the nervous system changes, the body’s systems in general wear down, especially the suprarenal glands which are in a constant state of stress trying to keep you alert.  Anger also causes imbalances, blood circulates more rapidly, blood vessels tense up, muscles become stressed, and toxins accumulate more easily in the body because there is more bile in the body.  Digestion becomes heavier.  This isn’t about withstanding anger or stress, but about learning new ways of seeing life, of releasing your anger and to stop expecting things from others, because this creates a lot of anger.

Additionally, exercise is a basis of health, as we all already know.  Exercise moves the muscles, activates circulation, helps the intestines evacuate toxins and promotes better nutrient absorption.  It also oxygenates tissues and the brain, which is one of the primary energy motors in the body.

And lastly, remember that nature’s wisdom never gives us anything we can’t handle.  All you need to do is have your eyes, ears and heart wide open to listen, and to see the messages you need to see.  Keep your heart open, because nature knows how to guide us towards what we need, and gives us ships to escape any shipwreck.  You just need to keep your intentions fixed on what you need, ask with true intent, and the solution or remedy will come along with it.

Whenever you’re afraid to get sick, just remember that rather than worrying, take care of yourself, make yourself happy, love who you are and get to know yourself better.

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