Fatigue caused by no apparent reason: Causes and Natural Treatment

Do you constantly feel tired?  Are you unsure as to why you feel so lethargic?  Do you feel like napping and resting every few hours?  Fatigue is natural to a certain extent; it’s the body’s way of asking for rest and healing.  

Fatigue: Causes and Natural TreatmentNatural fatigue can frequently be  felt at the end of the day, after a day of daily chores, or when you have done or thought a lot of things.  You can also feel fatigued after experiencing a series of intense emotions.  But when you feel fatigued for no apparent reason, and this is frequent and prolonged, it is very important that you pay mind to it.  You body is warning you about important things that you need to consider.

If you ignore this type of fatigue, you could be causing certain unpleasant reactions in your body.  Anytime that you are constantly fatigued, your body is very truly asking for urgent rest.  Avoid artificial stimulants, stimulating chemicals or drinks to generate strength, like coffee, sodas, medication, etc.  This only disguises the problem, it does not solve it.  It may look as if you have strength and motivation while working, but your body will be truly exhausted.

Causes of fatigue with “no apparent reason”

The following could cause one to be fatigued for “no apparent reason”:

  • Lack of nutrients in the body caused by a careless diet.
  • Lack of nutrient absorption.  Eating well is not the same as absorbing well.  Some people have amazing diets, but don’t properly absorb nutrients.
  • Diseases: a long list of diseases could cause fatigue as the body is in a state of healing.  Whenever the body is healing, you will instantly feel tired.  If you work even though you’re tired, or you continue to struggle throughout the day, your body could be at risk of chronic fatigue, which is highly risky for health.
  • Depression: this emotion creates a lot of fatigue, which is one way of avoiding, of not being here.  You may feel tired and lethargic as a way of turning yourself off to the world, and to find a way to not be connected to reality.  This could happen if you’re going through a difficult time or or having problems in some way.

Curing fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom that lets the body know it needs rest, repairing, or moments of reflection.  These symptoms should be handled in the following manner:

  • Rest and more rest: If the body is telling you to stop a little, you need to pay attention to it.  Take a day or two for yourself.  Don’t answer the phone and stop tending to everyone else.  Sleep, read, go for a walk or do some sort of simple activity that doesn’t take a lot of effort.  Don’t tell yourself you’re going to rest, and then when when at home end up washing plates, going to the bank, washing clothes, etc.  Rest consists of stopping your daily activities and relaxing.
  • If you exercise, do high performance training, or if you have a constantly physically demanding job, it is important that you apply the first step: rest.  Your body could be suffering from too much strain, or you might be surpassing your own limits in regards to performance under pressure.  Do not train or make any effort if you feel tired.  Allowing yourself to rest doesn’t mean you’re spoiling yourself, rest is a very important thing for your body to be able to repair itself and restore balance.
  • Watch your diet (especially if you are ill): diet should be the first base for curing fatigue.  A basic diet should start your day by drinking boldo tea with lemon juice, eating papaya with raw oatmeal for breakfast, and eating a diet based on fresh and steamed vegetables, seeds, and whole grains.
  • Drink enough water: drinking at least two liters of water a day gives the body a lot more energy.  It releases toxic substances from the body easier, and the body doesn’t need to spend extra energy eliminating said substances.
  • Take a look at stress: this is one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue.  Stress causes muscles to be constantly tensed, which over time will make you feel like you’re ran a marathon, even tough you haven’t even walked to the corner.  Stress can be caused by a long list of things, like economic problems or problems with a partner, lack of confidence, wanting to control everything, etc.
  • If you are suffering from stress, take a day trip.  You don’t need to go very far, but simply change your environment to give yourself a sense of peace and tranquility, if you choose a peaceful spot.  Read a book that helps you see life with more confidence and give yourself a good massage to activate your blood.

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