Correct, Tone, Revitalize and Unblock accumulated Facial Tensions

Learn to correct, tone, revitalize and unblock tensions that have accumulated in your face from stress.  Are you still unfamiliar with facial gymnastics?

Correct, Tone, Revitalize and Unblock accumulated Facial TensionsWe all know what it means to exercise, but what would you say if I told you your face also needed certain exercises?  We want to share with you the benefits of facial gymnastics; thanks to Isabel Lopez, an expert in facial gymnastics, we have discovered, tried and experienced these exercises.

Facial tensions

It’s common to feel cervical discomfort, your neck may hurt, and your jaw might even be stiff.  Stress, obligations, and coming and going at all hours…creates tensions not only in the body, but also in the face.  Even though you think it’s not noticeable, you’re wrong!

The muscles in the face are what define our expressions, like happiness, sadness, fear or fatigue.  Tension hardens them, anger twists them, and depression weakens them.  Our muscles respond to our emotions and produce gestures that are out of our control.  To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, or those ever-famous crow’s feet, you need to try to soften and exercise these muscles daily, which in most cases are completely forgotten.  There might not exist any sort of potion for eternal youth, but what would you think if I told you that facial gymnastics can keep you young longer?

Facial gymnastics is a technique based on muscle work in the face with exercises that combine physiotherapy and yoga.  They help keep facial features young, they relax the body and simultaneously, the mind.  This thereby creates immediate well-being, increases certainty and self-esteem.  All this from just a few exercises?  Exactly.

Benefits of Facial Gymnastics

  1. Strengthens muscles
  2. Fights facial sagging and redefines the face
  3. Improves blood circulation and eliminates tired expressions
  4. Reduces bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and recovers skin’s freshness
  5. Reduces tension in shoulders, the jaw and the ocular area
  6. Gives the face a rest and regains the shine in one’s eyes
  7. Tones musculature.

In order to get these great results, you need to do these exercises daily.  It’s best to do them at night, to relax the tension that has accumulated throughout the day.  We recommended practicing them twice a week during stressful periods, dedicating 6 seconds to each exercise and repeating each exercise 8 times.  Try it!

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