Arginine: Sexuality, Body, Health and more

Arginine is one of the 20 essential amino acids that form part of proteins.  Amino acids are chemical units in proteins, which could not exist without amino acid combinations.  They are also necessary so that certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes take effective action.
Arginine: Sexuality, Body and Health

Properties of Arginine

The following are a few of arginine’s various functions that stand out:

  • It can stimulate and strengthen the immune system by increasing the number of leukocytes.
  • It is involved in creatine synthesis.
  • Helps reduce harmful cholesterol, which helps in weight loss and improving the circulatory system’s abilities.
  • Although it helps in weight loss, it can help increase muscle mass, as it increases the production of collagen.  This means that it will reduce body fat in areas that do not need it (like the waist, abdomen, etc.) and will increase muscles, or make them proportionate.  You could say that it is perfect for those that want to lose weight and achieve their desired proportions.  These benefits are undoubtedly accentuated by physical activity and a quality diet.
  • Facilitates muscle recovery in athletes because arginine helps remove ammonia from the muscles (ammonia is the muscular residue resulting from anaerobic exercise) and converts it into urea that is eliminated through the urine.
  • Strengthens vasodilator effects.
  • Gives greater ability and strength to the body’s muscles, which is why it is frequently added to some nutrition supplements for athletes or body builders.  (We should mention that taking this amino acid does not do the complete job of muscle strengthening, this must be combined with a quality diet and varied, nutritious foods.)
  • It is said to help slow tumor or cancerous cell growth.
  • Helps detoxify the liver.
  • Is involved in the process of releasing growth hormones, which is why it is attributed rejuvenating properties.
  • Combined with a quality diet it can help increase sperm production.
  • It is attributed erotic qualities, as it is related to male erectile functions.  L-Arginie is involved in the first phase of the erectile response, during which time, through the enzyme oxide-synthase converts into nitric oxide, a vasodilator gas that will produce the beginning of the vasodilator process in the cavernous bodies in the penis.  This increases erectile ability.  (As in the last parenthesis, we should point out that the amino acid does not create this entire process by itself.  A proper diet combined with taking L-arginine are necessary, because if these nutrients are lacking in the diet, the amino acid will not be able to be properly absorbed.)
  • Arginine could be used in a cream or gel to increase excitement, stiffness, and clitoris erection, promoting orgasms in women who generally do not orgasm.

Method of use and consumption of Arginine

  • It can be taken as pills or tablets.  Take a look at the consumption directions on the packaging. You can buy arginine on-line
  • A professional assessment is always recommendable, especially in cases of severe diabetes.
  • If you want to increase muscle volume and tone without getting fat, you can combine this supplement with a weight lifting routine, so that the muscle uses more protein.
  • Arginine can be found in two forms: (D) arginine and (L) arginine.  L arginine is the natural form found in live animal and plant tissues, and are considered to be the most compatible with human chemistry.
  • Combined with ginseng, diamine, and Ginkgo Biloba, along with a quality diet, it can strengthen erotic effects.

Arginine contraindications

  • An excess of L-arginine has been proven to cause pancreas imbalances and problems in rats.
  • It is not recommendable for women who are pregnant or nursing, nor for people with hemorrhage disorders.  It is also not recommended in cases of kidney or liver failure, and/or prostate cancer.

Use in cats

Arginine is an amino acid that is frequently included in balanced diets for cats, as this absence could cause serious disorders related to excessive ammonia in their tissues.

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